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Frustrated with the limits of public policy to tackle global warming, some scientists say the time has come to engineer a way to control the weather. The idea might seem appealing, says a science scholar, but it could have potentially harmful ramifications.

Ethanol causes more smog?

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Study says fuel touted by Bush could be worse for environment

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While ethanol is widely touted as a solution to air pollution, when Brazil promoted the alternative fuel in the 1970s the skies above the South American nation's cities actually became smoggier.


We held our second rally at the Capital and it was a huge success. We carried signs, chanted, handed out flyers and Chicken Little even made an appearance.

There were a lot of "Pro Global Warming" people there. But there also was a lot of "Anti Global Warming" people or "Pro Global Cooling" people as l we like to refer to them as. And they had their own rally. I would say the Pros outnumbered the Cons at least 2 to 1 .

By Elmer Beaureguard

I'm not trying to brag or anything, I just think "experts" sometimes lack common sense.

For instance when Clinton gave North Korea Nuclear Power Plants, I thought "that will come back to haunt us". Of course they were only going to get the nukes if they promised to use them for humanitarian purposes only. Now I'm no foreign relations expert, but I thought "why are we trusting North Korea, aren't we basically still at war with them?".

by Elmer Beaureguard
Mother Nature proves no match for the Minnesota Legislature.

Today is the day that the Minnesota Legislature votes on the "Global Warming Mitigation Act", and just the mere thought of it has sent warmer temperatures scurrying back of to Florida.

Winter rears its ugly head with a late spring snowstorm in Minnesota, and the temperature went from 81º to 18º in 10 days. Lawmakers were overjoyed! Never before has a piece of Legislation had such an instantaneous effect. They haven't even voted on it yet and the weather is already capitulating.

By Elmer Beaureguard
Whales Are A Big Source of "Greenhouse Gas".


An adult Blue Whale spews approximately 87 tons of CO2 from its blowhole annually. Now that's one heck of a Carbon footprint. Of course whales don't have any feet, nor do they emit any Carbon, but they do emit tons of Carbon Dioxide every year. With an estimated 5,000 Blue Whales on the planet, just think how much CO2 we could elimimate just by killing the Blue Whales.

by Elmer Beauregard
A Recent Study Shows That Trees Thrive on CO2.

They can't get enough of it, in fact they need it to survive and grow. The more CO2 there is the more they convert it into Oxygen for us to breath. It's a beautiful symbiotic relationship between man and plants called Photosynthesis.

In 2003 scientist set out to prove the effect of greenhouse gasses on trees. They planted trees in New York City and trees way out in the woods. To their surprise, the trees planted in the city grew twice as rapidly as the ones in the country.
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