Breaking News: Trees Love Greenhouse Gas

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by Elmer Beauregard
A Recent Study Shows That Trees Thrive on CO2.

They can't get enough of it, in fact they need it to survive and grow. The more CO2 there is the more they convert it into Oxygen for us to breath. It's a beautiful symbiotic relationship between man and plants called Photosynthesis.

In 2003 scientist set out to prove the effect of greenhouse gasses on trees. They planted trees in New York City and trees way out in the woods. To their surprise, the trees planted in the city grew twice as rapidly as the ones in the country.
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"In the country, the trees were about up to my waist. In the city, they were almost over my head -- it's really dramatic," said Jillian W. Gregg, the study's lead author.
"No matter what soil I grew them in they always grew twice as large in New York City," said Gregg, who said she was initially perplexed by the unexpected results.

Of course not letting the actual results of an experiment get in the way of their original hypothesis, they somehow concluded that man is still to blame for the stunted trees in the country.

I on the other hand think that maybe, just maybe the more greenhouse gasses present, the more green things like it. Why do they call it Greenhouse Gas? Because they actually use it in greenhouses to help the plants grow. By the way its not the CO2 that keeps a greenhouse warm, its the glass enclosure, the sun and the heat source producing the CO2.

I think the trees in the country were CO2 deprived and that's why they were stunted. Just think millions of trees all competing for that little CO2 that some passing deer might exhale. But then I'm not a scientist with a Federal Grant and tons of sponsors. But 17,000 actual scientists have signed onto a study that found increased levels of CO2 is not a bad thing.
Environmental Effects of Increased Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide

1 Comment

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