Announcing Our Carbon Debit Program

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Are you tired of all the Carbon Offset Programs?

Just when you thought things were getting pretty nice around here in Minnesota, we went right back into the deep freeze last winter, thanks to all those blasted carbon offset companies.

Well Now you can do something about it!
Join our Minnesotans For Global Warming "Carbon Debit Progam" and you can help offset the offsets.


How Does Our Carbon Debit Program Work?
For every dollar donated to this program we pledge to drive one mile in a giant SUV.
(It was going to be 10 miles but with the price of gas and all)

Yes, it is that simple. There are lots of nuts and bolts in the background that you don't need to know about, but that is why we started our "Carbon Debit Program" - to make it simple and affordable for individuals and organizations to have an impact on climate change now. As in soon. Today. So our children have a greener and warmer Minnesota to live in. (You get the idea...)

What do you get when you join?
You get this really cool card and the inner glow knowing that your doing something good for Minnesota. (and maybe a bumper sticker and T-Shirt, depending on how much you want to save the planet.)

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