Pandora's Light Bulb


By Elmer Beauregard


In 2012 the incandescent light bulb will be banned, and I for one will be lost.

Here in Minnesota we need the extra heat that incandescent light bulbs release. I put 150 watt heat lamps in the chicken coop to keep the chickens warm, I have a 75 watt bulb under the horse waterer to keep it from freezing. I use four 75 watt recessed spot lights in my dining room which acts like a poor man's in-floor heat for my bedroom which is right above. In fact any extra heat these things generate for 9 months out of the year is greatly appreciated.

And what about decorative bulbs? Picture your chandelier with little pigtail lights in it, its going to look like something out of a Tim Burton movie.

So for the next 4 years I plan on stocking up on incandescent light bulbs or ILBs. Every time I have a few extra bucks, which isn't very often in these tough economic times, I am going to buy ILBs. I figure I can stock up a 10 year supply pretty easily. I might get a few extra of the heat lamps to sell to fellow chicken farmers.

I think we should all do this, like a reverse Boston Tea Party. Just think if for the next four years Wal-Mart couldn't keep ILBs on the shelf, then in 2012 when the change happens, nobody buys the Mercury Laden Pigtails or MLPs for 10 years. This would send a strong signal to Washington, that in America the market can't be controlled by government and that we are still somewhat free.

I think the ban on ILBs has nothing to do with Global Warming anyway but rather is a test to see how much government intrusion the American people will put up with. So in defiance we should all hold a light bulb high in the air and quote the late great Charlton Heston and say "FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS!"


Maybe we need to start a National Light Bulb Association.

Look at the bright side. When the scientists forget to turn the light off in the weather station boxes, the bulbs won't heat the thermometers up as much.

This is a great clip from Congress on implications of government forcing us to use mercury filled CFL lightbulbs:

Share it with your beloved. With enough people stocking up, the incandescent light bulb business will start paying for lobbyists and get CFL's banned for mercury content! If the FDA doesn't declare mercury safe.

There should be a grand jury into the poison from these bulbs, a class action. It is a disgrace, but fightable.

Same thing happening in Australia, banning the bulbs in 2010. Already some shops are no longer stocking them.
Also wind power info on '', look at the enviromental pages under the science headline.
Keep the info coming, it all helps.

My husband was insisting on using those things for a while. We are in Alaska and it gets dark up here and with those bulbs I can't see a thing. I tried to tell him they are poison too. Finally I defied him and put a real bulb in one of the lamps. I discovered that the light put out by those poisonous impostor lights is actually a faint green. After googling the effects of color on people I fear it is no accident that they have mandated we look at the world through a faint green tinge. Great idea about stocking up on bulbs! I hope you don't mind if I print this article for the fridge so Mr. Penny Pincher can see it? Good job and great idea!

good post, i will be sure to comeback to this site again for some more informative articles. btw does any one know where i can watch avatar the movie online?

Ive been doing just that for the last year. I always buy 2 4 pack 75 watt incandescents. I have quite a stockpile already. I would never buy a pigtail bulb. They can take 'em and shove 'em up their asses for all I care.

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