2008 - A Global Warming Retrospective

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By Elmer Beauregard

2008 In Many Ways Was The Beginning of The End For Global Warming


It's funny how things go sometimes, one moment you're on top of the world, the next you're having rotten tomatoes thrown at you, I wouldn't be standing next to Al Gore much these days. But people hang their hats on things, like sports teams, the stock market and yes even the weather, and as long as the stock market goes up or your team is winning things are good. But temperatures, like the stock market in 2008 went the wrong way, which made it a very bad year for all those people whose livelihood depends on warming weather.


Remember last spring when everyone was saying that we were going to have an ice free North Pole? It was all over the news, NBC even sent a boat to cover it, I was going to shave my head if it happened. Instead the North Pole grew by 30%, of course the media never mentioned this fact, so the dumbed down masses still think the North Pole melted. Plus, NBC's boat got trapped by the increasing ice, I wonder if it ever returned?


In 2008 it snowed in places that have never seen snow before, like Saudi Arabia, Sidney, New Orleans, and Las Vegas just to name a few and China had its worst winter in 50 years.

Another phenomena were all the Global Warming meetings that were snowed out. It's almost like God is trying to tell us something.


I think the biggest story of 2008 is how the scientific community is jumping off the Global Warming bandwagon. The Petition Project with now over 31,000 scientists was huge and more recently the 650 dissenting scientists who countered the IPCC's report, Including one who used to work for Al Gore. The founder of the Weather Channel wants to sue Al Gore for fraud, hoping a legal debate will settle the global-warming debate once and for all.

Here in Minnesota a local Meteorologist who was always pushing Global Warming was fired, and his replacement is a AGW skeptic.


Then there is the blogosphere, when I started Minnesotans For Global Warming in January of 2007, I was a lone voice crying in the wilderness, but now in 2008 there are more and more AGW skeptical sites coming on line.
TomNelson'sBlog just to name a few.


And last but not least is all the junk data, like all of the weather stations in parking lots, the doctored GISS data. Even the infamous "Hockey Stick Chart" is Coming under scrutiny.

So all in all its been a pretty good year for us skeptics, I just hope the weather keeps going our way. Which is sad, because I am a "Minnesotan For Global Warming".

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Ummm....I've been lurking at climateaudit.org for about 4 years and I believe it (Steve McIntyre) has been debunking the original "Hockey Stick" and its ilk for longer than that. Not exactly "..comming on line." But, I digress: like your site, keep up the work. With our new "Science Advisor" taking over the ear of "The One", we are going to need it.

True, I will fix that. The bad thing is the warmingists are still using it and saying its the gospel.

Why don't you download the temperature estimates for the last 800k years taken from Deuterium in ice core samples. Graph it and you will be amazed, and don't forget to take a peak at those pesky homosapiens at 140K years ago caused massive global warming. You could find the data at http://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/paleo/pubs/jouzel2007/jouzel2007.html. The IPCC stated that the deviation in the solar radiation would be negligible and it would not change for 30K years. Look at the graphs you produced, and you will see how the IPCC is full of it.

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