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By becoming a member of Minnesotans For Global Warming, you not only get a shirt a DVD a Bumper Sticker and a Certificate, you get the satisfaction that you are helping a good cause.


Now for a limited time you or someone you love can join for only $25. In these tough economic times we must all do are part and pull together as Minnesotans and warm the planet this Christmas Season.

When you sign up you get a T-Shirt, our DVD a bumper sticker and a certificate of membership (suitable for framing) with your name on it. Normally this would cost you at least 29.99 but in these tough economic times we put together this limited package for just $25. Order today there's still time left before Christmas.

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Also, this Moose survey by the minnesota DNR shows that the moose populations are up significantly since 1998.

Sorry, the above comment doesn't make much sense in context. It turns out the star and tribune are just propagandizing and lying. See Lying about climate change vis-a-vis Minnesota moose populations.

In it, I debunk the scary picture painted by the Star and Tribune using Minnesota DNR population data.

You don't even need to consult weather data to see they are lying.

Please consider a link to thanks

Please submit some of your excellent videos to the CNN/Google contest. You will be up against video comments from Hollywoood and maybe Prince Charles.

Read what nonsense Google is up to here.

Hello from the Land of Cheese and Beer.
You got the Favre, so why do you still envy us?

The botnet loves your site, but wanted to point out the fact that more polar bears are dying now than ever before in recorded history.
---of course their population is larger than ever, so old age is a problem, but with Global Warming as my witness please pay no mind to the man behind the curtain.

Keep it up and we'll have to start clubbing seals with baby whales (without the cuddly polar bear keeping the seal population down).

Warmest regards,
the botnet

Hey, great job with with your website, & everything but i have to ask, What song is "climatedecline" Kick off of. Just tring to win a bet with a Friend.. Thanks Mike M.

how does it feel to be on the right side of history I can feel the the love and it not so hot.Time is right to hit the cukes where they live.MORE NUKES LESS CUKES.I will now retire and watch the View that will cool me down

For years I have been telling my clients and candidates that Minnesotans are in favor of Global Warming! Of course then I tell them we are in trouble when a politician gets a Nobel Prize for solving one of the most complex scientific issue of all time. Guess I will have to develop some new material. It'll be fun!

I'm guessing this comment will be deleted due to the fact that it is logical, intelligent and dare I say, actually respectful of the scientific process. You will delete it because it conflicts with your fundamentalist, stubborn ideology. Global Warming isn't a partisan issue just because Al Gore was the first guy to try and warn people about it. It's a partisan issue because conservatives like you decided to make it one. Any reasonable and honest person who has looked fairly at each side of this supposed "debate" is forced to admit that scientists have a MOUNTAIN of evidence and peer-reviewed knowledge proving anthropogenic global warming, backed up by a clear consensus of more than 95% of climate scientists. You people cling to the less than 5% of experts who agree with you and convince yourselves that THEY are the right ones. The rest of us admit that we are not climate scientists and simply look at the odds -- 20 to 1 of the experts say that climate change will cause catastrophic events, changing the ecology of our planet for THOUSANDS of years. Would you take out fire insurance on your house tomorrow if 95% of firefighters told you that your neighborhood will burn down someday soon? No!

Quick screwing this up for the rest of us with your blind ignorance. You are all lemmings of the oil and coal industry and you don't realize it. They spend literally millions of dollars every year pumping out disinformation, and phony non peer-reviewed articles by unqualified scientists that never happen to actually be INVOLVED in active climate research. You are the tool with which they manipulate our democratic process towards their favor. We sane people want to do something to avoid a potentially chaotic future, and you are all stalling the process. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Don't believe me? Do you believe the Pentagon?

Matt sez: "...backed up by a clear consensus of more than 95% of climate scientists."

Um, Matt, I can't help but point out that "consensus" has no place in the scientific community or the scientific method...May I respectfully suggest that you stop and smell the oxygen...

Wow, Matt has really swilled down the global warming kool-aid. No, Matt, you will not be able to screw up the rest of us with your ignorance. If you are still capable, you might try to think for yourself rather than parrot the global warming talking pionts.

Dear Matt:

The very fact that you attached an article from 2004 shows you are not up-to-date on the issue of Global Warming (aka Climate Change). What's worse you quote a British paper when in fact it's the British scientists associated with the IPCC have led the charade about Global Warming.

If you are a true believer in Global Warming I certainly hope you ride a bike to work if you still have a job. Have you replaced all your incandescent lights bulbs with the mercury laden CFL's in your home? California has done a study on the cost of educating the public on proper disposal of CFL's and creating a system for proper disposal since they are "Hazardous/Toxic Waste" with a projected cost for the program of $26 million over the first three years. However, since California is on the verge of bankruptcy I doubt the program will be funded anytime soon. Meanwhile our landfills are being contaminated by the third most toxic chemical according to ATSDR (US Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry) after arsenic & lead. In light of the CFL fiasco I have no faith in the integrity of the EPA.

There is no point in fact checking your article since it is out of date!

Matt writes: "Would you take out fire insurance on your house tomorrow if 95% of firefighters told you that your neighborhood will burn down someday soon? No!

The problem is (using your analogy) that the firefighters are getting paid by the insurance companies.

Testing a theory requires making predictions and checking whether the predictions come true. No?
The IPCC's predictions are way overblown as has now been admitted by Prof. Jones himself.

I'd share my Great Global Warming swindle with Matt but, likely he needs a genuine intervention by Lord Christopher Monckton.

Anyone read "3 speeches by Micheal Crichton"? The 2nd one sums guys like Matt up perfectly.

Not a believer in Darwin's theory but, fire with fire. If the polar bears and all others can't evolve fast enough to keep adapting to the climate mother earth must have slated them to become extinct.

Also, thanks for the tip on Siefert! David

I'm not sure I can really be bothered to engage with people who don't listen to common sense but oh well, here goes...

1) there's hardly a vested interest in restraining ourselves for future generations is there? Any idiot can see the inherent imbalance in who's getting 'paid' to say things - oil pays great backhanders, whereas concern for the future of the planet doesn't have some magic pot of money.

2) Actually the IPCC's predictions are widely regarded to err more on the side of caution than being 'overblown' which is precisely why no one with any scientific background who has seriously looked through the evidence questions the need to act, only people determined to keep believing what they want to believe.

3) Phil Jones did NOT say the conclusions are way overblown or that "there has been no global warming since 1995", which is how many are incorrectly interpreting his statement. What he actually said is that a warming trend is established and is "quite close" to the 95% statistical confidence level for this short period. Let's say it was 90%. This would mean that there's a 90% chance that the warming is a real trend, not just random weather variability. There is absolutely nothing surprising about this.

4) As to your point about polar bears not being able to evolve fast enough - of course they can't, they haven't had to deal with 6 billion of us on the planet before. Why blame them for that? If this were just about polar bears dying, no-one would be half so bothered. In any case, I'm pretty sure we don't evolve any faster than they do. If you ask me, we're probably not evolved enough for more than a small % of our species to survive either, precisely because of attitudes like yours.

In a way, who can blame us? We evolved in times when looking for the short-term gains and wanting all we could get instantly were beneficial; just look at the trends in obesity and all the related health problems if you want to see how badly evolved we are for today's environment. The fact is for most of our evolutionary history, we never had to deal with any selection pressure for the capacity to deal with big issues, let alone global ones. So it may prove to be an issue bigger than our intellectual capacities can handle - this website being one example.

It's just a shame Americans won't suffer nearly as quickly as Africa, Asia, and South America, who aren't half as responsible but far more of whom will die as a result of climate change much sooner. But hey, we've got the money and the nukes - they're not the ones with power and they can't do anything. So let's enjoy watching that happen, tell ourselves it's not our fault they're dying in droughts - they must be doomed to become extinct.

And hopefully we'll be gone before our own children have to face the same sort of suffering, so we don't have to know that we could have done more to keep them a place to live in. Especially the people doing nothing, because yours certainly won't be looking back on your part in this with admiration.

We don't get any money from oil companies, in fact its quite the opposite. These days it seems like I'm giving all my money to oil companies.

Plus, if you look into a lot of the Green Weeny organizations are funded by Oil companies. It's a way to create a false scarcity and double the price of their product.

We are solely funded through T-Shirt sales donations and of course our membership program. So become a member today, and remember nothing would be green without CO2.

I am a Floriduhian and I would love it if Minnesota gets warmer. According to scientists I would have Gulf front property. We could all paddle around in things and be like people in the amazon. And the warmer Minnesota gets the cooler Floriduh gets.

Love the site. As a Minnesota boy who is currently freezing his butt off in northern Nevada I say bring on the CO2.

you morons! Try to think a little further than your next beer. If GCC continues as it is projected to it will effect the WORLD. How much of what you consume was made in MN? Very little...

Food and water scarcity around the world creates instability - instability creates violence and hatred and that can lead to terrorism. Do you expect Pakistan and India to have a reasoned discussion as they die of thirst? Hell no... those are 2 nuclear powers that don't get along already.

Now I understand you may feel isolated in your neck of the woods, and ask why does it matter? It matters for several reasons - NUKES NOT CUKES will surely screw lots of things up (any semi-conscious peanut could see that). We get a lot of our stuff from the rest of the world and if they are no longer able to produce it, our largely service economy (run largely on foreign oil from countries at risk from GCC) will suffer greatly... Cost of living rises because now it is Americans producing the things we love and "need"...

Anyway, happy trails, I just can't wait to see your face when the shit hits the fan and the measly profits you make (probably from made in Honduras T-shirts) from duping fools into supporting your "cause" run out. PS- bragging about how big and inefficient you are makes you sound stupid. If you need 20 gallons of fuel to get from A to B, and I need 10.... well I'm not sure what the standard for a fool is, but I'd say why be so uneconomical?

PPS- if your cold, wear more clothes and do some exrcise.... I Live in Maine and I'm no Poonaaaneee when it comes to cold. WEAKLINGS!

If you can't stand the cold - get out!

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