Polar Bears are not dying out, say scientists in book on popular 'scare stories'


By Chris Irvine, Telegraph

Polar bears are not dying out and Turkey Twizzlers are fine, according to a new book from scientists wishing to challenge science "scare stories"

Contrary to widely held belief, polar bear populations are rising, according to the scientists

It is widely thought that the polar ice caps will melt, causing sea levels to rise, resulting in the loss of cities along the coast, as well as a the majority of polar bears.

And if global warming does not kill us, then obesity or heart disease will thanks to an addiction to junk food and salt.

But a new book, compiled by Stanley Feldman, a professor of anaesthetics at London University, and Vincent Marks, a former professor of clinical biochemistry and dean of medicine at the University of Surrey, are questioning the end of the world...

Writing in The Daily Mail, the pair discuss Global Warming And Other --------: The Truth About All Those Science Scare Stories, where they examine the "facts" behind global warming, the future of polar bears and chef Jamie Oliver's nemesis, Turkey Twizzlers.

The Sun is behind Global Warming

Rather than man-made CO2 being responsible for global warming, they argue that there is evidence it is caused in part by the increase in the intensity of the Sun's heat.

CO2 levels

Although the level of CO2 is higher than the "pre-industrial" level - today it is about 0.038 per cent of the atmosphere, compared to 0.02 per cent, carbon dioxide levels have often been as much as 10 times higher than they are today.

Polar bears and penguins are not dying out

Most populations of polar bear are doing well. Despite the melting in the Arctic ice cap, numbers have more than doubled since 1950. They are also good swimmers. Although some Antarctic penguin colonies are decreasing in size, their numbers are also steady.

The Gulf Stream is not under threat

The Gulf Stream is as strong as ever, and getting warmer. There is no evidence to suggest the Arctic ice melting is pushing it further south.

The Maldives are not sinking

Maldives property owners are so confident the sea is receding, they are building a number of upmarket seafront hotels. Tuvalu in the Pacific, often seen as being most at risk of flooding, has actually seen a fall in sea levels.

Global warming might be good for us: Warmer climate and an increase in CO2 could be good for farming and agriculture. Less severe winters will also allow more crops to be grown.

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If you want a good laugh, as well as an education on what Al Gore is all about, simply think back to the picture of the polar bear and her cub on the floating ice which Mr Gore used to illustrate the plight of the species. Apparently, we were to believe (and many did) that there would be dead white bears washing up on the shores of Maine, or something to that effect. Well, the picture taker was quoted in an article on just where that picture came from and the chain of events that put the picture in Mr Gores hands, without her permission, of course. The article is completely factual and utterly hilarious. The short and sweet of it is that the bears were just fine, doing what the observer said was "what polar bears do". Not to mention that polar bears, including their cubs, can swim remarkable distances (the report said up to 100 miles). The idea that they could be trapped on floating ice was preposterous, and exactly the hype needed by Gores toadies to promote their trash on the tragically ignorant masses.

This, in a nut shell, is Al Gore.

This article is bullshit. period.

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the article is some seriously BS.

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