Palin: Democrat 'stubbornness' behind economic woes

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going_rogue_m.jpgFormer Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, whose new book "Going Rogue," was released today, is blaming the nation's economic woes at least partly on the Democrats' allegiance to growing socialism across the United States.

"Let's go back to what Reagan did in the early '80s and stay committed to those common sense free market principles that worked," for candidate for vice president in 2008 told talk radio icon Rush Limbaugh during an interview today.

"He faced a tougher recession than what we're facing today. He cut those taxes, ramped up industry, and we pulled out of that recession. We need to revisit that," she said.

She called on both Republicans and Independents to be bolder in pursuing a real solution to the unemployment across the United States that is above 10 percent - the highest level in decades.

Limbaugh asked why Democrats, who control the U.S. House, Senate and the White House, aren't following what clearly was a successful strategy against an earlier economic slump.

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"They're sitting in the middle of abject failure of their No. 1 stated goal, and that's job creation," he said. "So what are they really trying to do here do you think?"

"Well, you wonder, you wonder because history proves what will work and you wonder if they're realizing that and if it's just perhaps a stubbornness at this point that they are so committed to going down this road of growing government and interjecting the feds' control in the private sector more and more which will prove to be more failure," Palin said.

"I don't know if it's obstinate thinking that they're engaged in right now or if they truly just do not believe what the free market, free enterprise economic solutions are that built up this country."

But she assured Limbaugh it will be an issue in next year's congressional elections.

"The economy, that's what it's going to be because it's all about jobs, it's all about Americans who are hurting right now and what those solutions are that are so obvious, so common sense that need to be plugged in," she said.

"What we need to do is shift gears and really head in another direction because what we're doing right now with the fed, it's not working. We need to cut taxes on the job creators. This is all about jobs, creating jobs. We have to ramp up industry here in America, and of course reduce the federal debt, quit piling on and growing more. But those common sense solutions there, especially with the cutting taxes on the job creators, that's not even being discussed. In fact, increased taxes is the direction it sounds like Obama wants to go," she said.

She also said it's a tragedy that the United States isn't being more aggressive in developing its own natural energy resources, such as oil and natural gas. Vice President Joe Biden had criticized her comments earlier, suggesting, "It's a little bit more complicated" than her campaign slogan of "Drill, Baby, Drill."

"What is complicated about tapping into abundant, safe domestic supplies that could provide stability for our country and security for our country?" Palin asked. "I know Alaska has billions of barrels of oil underfoot, and we have the natural gas that's waiting to be tapped, too; and other states do, too. It's not that complicated. It's political, and that's what the shame is in this, is that for political reasons we're not allowed to tap these domestic supplies."

She also said health care can be repaired with some common sense solutions and on terrorism, she said the present "dithering" out of Washington is creating problems.

"Our motto is going to be: 'We win, you lose,'" she said.

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three words: Dont Trust Palin! She is completely dedicated to the republican establishment, dedicated to ensure we vote left-right-left-right and never get any real alternative (e.g. a third party). What did George W. Bush and Palin do to access the oil in Alaska, in order to reduce dependence on Arab countries, when they were both simultaneously in office? Nothing but hot air and delay tactics. Instead Bush started 2 new wars in the Middle East that are bankrupting us, in countries that have a fraction of the oil we have in Alaska ourselves, and guess what, Palin is fully and 100% supporting continuation of both wars, wants even more troops, and more funding by the taxpayers.So when it comes to climate skepticism, I think theres better role models than Sarah Palin.

Thanks for posting this. Would be intrested to read more or possibly please contact me by email thank you!

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