Brownshirt Youth Corps Invade Monckton Speech


Paul Joseph Watson,

"Hitler Youth" attempt to crush freedom of speech while chanting cult-like environmental mantras


Groups of agitant green youth corps invaded the stage during Lord Monckton's speech at an Americans for Prosperity event in Copenhagen yesterday, attempting to sabotage the private meeting while chanting cult-like environmental mantras in a shocking example of how the environmentalist elite have activated cadres of young brownshirts to crush the free speech of anyone who dares dissent against the global warming orthodoxy.

A Huffington Post write-up of the incident attempts to characterize Monckton as the villain of the story because he called the teenage brownshirts out for what they were, "crazed Hitler youth."

"The young activists, representing a number of youth action groups including SustainUS, the Sierra Student Coalition, the Cascade Climate Network, and other American youth NGOs, kicked off the protest by holding banners in front of the cameras reading "Climate Disaster Ahead" and "Clean Energy Now."

The "activists," who are invited delegates to the UN's Copenhagen summit, betrayed the dictatorial agenda of the United Nations and the climate change movement as a whole by having zero tolerance for any dissenting opinion - crashing and shouting down a small conference of people who had merely gathered to present the other side of the debate.

They then proceeded to wave plastic American flags made in China before chanting environmental mantras that have no basis whatsoever in reality.

"We're representing the majority of Americans on this, particularly young Americans," commented one of the brownshirts.

In reality, as the most recent polls show, "Americans who think global warming is caused by human activity, including vehicle and industrial emissions, are now a minority."

"You are listening now to the shouts in the background of the Hitler youth," said Monckton, as the green thugs interrupted his speech. Monckton mentioned the fact that these same youth corps had green spray-painted Copenhagen with Orwellian messages in a frightening throwback to the red, white and black swastikas that littered the city during the time when it was occupied by the Nazis.

Another brownshirt, Laura Comer, claimed, "We're representing the majority of Americans on this, particularly young Americans. The real America wants clean energy - not more fossil fuel-funded lies about the science."

In actual fact, the Climategate emails clearly illustrated how the vast majority of big oil money is behind the climate change alarmists, not the skeptics. Indeed, the entire Copenhagen event is sponsored by a consortium of giant corporations that includes British Petroleum and Shell Oil.

Contrast what happens to people who protest demagogues of the environmental movement with what happens to those who protest anyone who dares speak out against green fascism.

Members of Press For Truth who merely handed out flyers in opposition to Al Gore in Toronto outside the event he was speaking at were harassed by security guards, assaulted, had their camera equipment attacked, and were almost shoved into the road by thought police thugs hell-bent on making them leave areas that were not even privately owned.

In contrast, the brownshirt youth corps who hijacked the Monckton event and took over the stage were completely left alone to go about their business.

Similarly, We Are Change groups who attempt to ask Al Gore questions about Climategate at book signings have routinely been forcibly ejected and harassed merely for expressing respectful dissent.

This is why Monckton labeled the brownshirts in the video "Hitler youth," because their sabotage is fully supported by the same climate establishment whose policies are currently killing millions of people in the third world, something these useful idiot kids obviously know nothing about.

Whenever climate skeptics protest global warming gurus, there's always a plentiful supply of goons on hand to crush their free speech and kick them out, but when greenies physically shut down private events, they are given free reign and later celebrated by the media.

Despite the fact that skeptics attending Copenhagen this week are certainly a minority, these youth corps thugs still couldn't stand the fact that the skeptics had the temerity to organize a private meeting at which the religion of global warming was questioned.

Lord Monckton and other climate change skeptics have also been targeted with death threats and intimidation by green thugs who will go to any lengths to shut down freedom of speech.

Expect waves of these cadres of green youth corps to continue to accompany the green fascism now being finalized by the UN in Copenhagen.

In future, little Nazis like these will have no reservations in banging down your door if you don't have the right light bulbs installed, smashing up your SUV, or enforcing whatever hellish system of control and regulation that will arrive by order of the global warming dictatorship they are a tool for.


I would hope that they do not come banging on my door. I would consider that an assault and would probably answer with a .45.

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Praise The Lord for the courage & conviction of Lord Monkton to tell the truth & stand firm against the attack by these youths on freedom & liberty.

Howdy to you Folks Down Under..Ya'll pretty well covered this subject ,but, I believe you have forgotten the old saying "What Comes Around Goes Around".I'm an Ole Warrior that has lived thru the Roosevelt Years and saw his intent to convert America to a Socialist Country..He had the perfect opportunity to have his way..The only thing that stopped him and his Communist Infested Adminstration was Hitler and Japan..America was put back to work[On borrowed money]and after winning the War went right back to where to where it left off in 1941..The Communist poked their heads back out and started their Stalinist Crap all over again..An Ole Boy named McCarthy tried to stop them and actually ran them back underground..They raised their filthy heads in the 1960s and as of today are succeeding in their objectives..The Western World,including Australia are now controlled by their minions.[Except now they call themselves Liberals]There is not a dimes worth of difference between Communism and Liberalism..A little reading of Marx will reveal that the first step in taking over a Country is to Dis- Arm the Citizens..The next is to make sure every citizen is identified and his personal info is accessable to the Government..[Germany had or still has a Kin Card]That allowed any Government Official to control your movements and status..America is now debating a National Health Care System which is nothing but a straw dog to make every citizen subject to reveal every aspect of his existence..Hopefully,Americans will wake up before it is too late..By the way,as and Ole Warrior,I served with the Aussies in War Time and will attest,that their Gallantry and Courage are second to none...

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