Audi, Debut's Environmental NAZI's (Green Police) add during Superbowl in jest? hmmm


This add debut's environmentalism "green nazis" in practice during Audi's superbowl as joke, but perhaps they are making fun of the "Green Jobs" Obama promised? Surprisingly these subversively witty adds, are poking fun at real laws that most entertainment obsessed folks aren't aware of. Some have already referred to this as 'war on the American citizen'. This effects, the world, the Nation and of Course Minnesota. Ironically MUCH of what they are doing is featured in Minnesota'ss "NEXT GENERATION ENERGY ACT - 2007" see PAWLENTY SIGNS NEXT GENERATION ENERGY ACT -- May 25, 2007

These include arrests for styrofoam cups, incandescent bulb usage, plastic bags/bottles, emissions, eco check points, battery disposal, trash inspection, heating your tub too high! , etc.

See the actual green police #1 video's below
(trouble viewing here's their youtube link)

See the actual green police #2 video's below
(trouble viewing here's their youtube link)

click below for more.

See the actual green police #3 video's below
(trouble viewing here's their youtube link)


A dig, but funny as heck.

The green movement takes themselves and their cause too seriously.

We can't alter the environment.

Global Warming is producing massive snowstorms on the Eastern Seaboard. Another on the way this week.

When man overestimates himself, God humbles.

The Doritos dog shock collar got my vote for the funniest.
This "Green Police/Audi" ad would have easily won except for the actual seriousness of the humorous intent. Kinda ironic for all the truth wrapped up in it, eh?
I wonder how many AGW proponents have given up driving their Audis today?

Notice how it is white males who were being arrested.

Ordnungspolizei - Owing to their green uniforms, they were also referred to as GrĂ¼ne Polizei (green police). The Order Police played a central role in carrying out the Holocaust...

I can almost imagine a new M4GW parody coming on entitled "Green Police", borrowing from the tune of Cheap Trick's "Dream Police".

Now accepting applications for "SHOVEL READY SNOW JOBS" in D.C. -

The Green Police ad had me in stitches. Audi is saying, "No matter how insane the environmental laws may get, our car will still be legal." At the same time those of us who recognize the fascism of the environmental movement can revel in the shifting of the zeitgeist.

Does Pawlenty's NGEA really implement Eco Check Points? I found the press release (though your link is incomplete) but it was light on details. See:

Take the "Green Police" seriously cause they are being supported by our government & that makes them a threat to our of our freedoms.

Finally, someone wrote a new book about a small town in America that stands up to federal tyranny & ends up starting the 2nd American Revolution. Great read!!

woah i love your blog so much!

hopefully this comment doesn't appear several times (it seems to freeze once i try to post my comment.. not sure if it's actually posting), but all I really wanted to say was great post and thanks for sharing.

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