Frozen Wasteland


I saw "The Who" perform Baba O'Reily (AKA Teenage Wasteland) for the halftime show at the Superbowl and was inspired to do this parody in honor of the horrible winter we're having. It's called "Frozen Wasteland" and in it I try to recreate the synthesizer part on the banjo. The Viking hat is in honor of the Vikings' great season!

Now available for download!


Get those poor freezing flamingos under some cover or they won't be around to set free come spring! As always, love your work.

You guys are great. Keep them coming, I love your videos, better than anything you can find on SNL, or the Daily Show. Funny and informative..I love it.

The only bad part of your whole production is the fact that I have more snow here in Southcentral Pennsylvania than you do in Minnesota!!! How will Al Gore ration his precious Global Warming if he can't tax us? hehehe

This is absolutely beautiful guys - well done!

Keep up the good fight.

I'd have to agree, I think Al Gore stole the show... heh... Don't worry I've got carbon credits I'm selling making tons of $$$$ on the dupes who believe this is ACTUALLY caused by Global Warming, Mwah haw haw

Way to funny! I've told all my fiends (sic) about it.
"I'll be bock!"

Priceless! and very well done

Al is that you? Your not Elmer!

As a "denier" I found your premise to be spot on.

As a Montanan, I can sympathize with your plight.

As a Who fan, I was shocked that your version was so close to the original. Did you really start working on that piece Sunday? I'm impressed!

Your guys are Ten times better than the Who! Fantastic!!

Brilliant... I hope you are professional musicians, because if not you should be.!

Just posted on my blog. Too good not to share.

I know isn't that great maybe Rush will play it, like he did Hide the Decline.

Actually, truth be known, I've had this concept in my head for at least a decade and have been practicing that dumb banjo part far almost that long. I've always thought it would make a good Bluegrass song, the ending is basically a kick-butt blue grass song.

It's tough on the fingers though, I have to do finger exercises.

But when I heard the Who were going to be the halftime act at the Superbowl, and with "Snowmageddon" I knew the time was now or never.

I can't get this song out of my head. The banjo licks are amazing - great vocals too! Thanks for using your musical superpowers for good.

Thanks folks for that good time.
Better than "Hide the decline" !

I wish there would be something like that in france.
Please, keep on fighting against AGW religion.


PS : shared on french blogs...

From the frozen wasteland of Texas (Dallas) with 3-4" of sticking snow today..........ROFLMAlGoreO!!!!!!!
Tx4GW, CWells

Back in the day I saw the Who 4 consecutive nights in a row!, you guys are awesome ! When is the tour? Need to work on your windmills a bit though.


I absolutely love it! Especially after digging my car from under a foot a snow (on top of the 2.5 feet we already got).

Regards from a ex-pat Minnesotan in the current snow capital of the world.

Amazing banjo work. I really enjoy all of your songs and videos.

I could kiss all of you 100 times each! On the cheeks...the ones above the neck.

I cannot recall right now which number of Alinski's Rules For Radicals you've wonderfully followed, but ridicule be thy name.

Hilarious and spot on. Genius.

Just heard this on Dennis Miller - fantastic! I am glad to find a group of like-minded Minnesotans who while they wish Global Warming was true, realize its only Al Gore's fantasy.

As someone who was born and raised in Minnesota who just dug out from over two feet of snow outside of the D.C. area in Virginia, this hit home. While hilarious, it also contains some serious political commentary.

We all need to fight
To preserve our rights
I don't want to be taxed a just for breathing

I am sending it to everyone and posting it everywhere I can.


Absolutely fabulous! I heard a clip on Dennis Miller's show from Friday and had to look you up. I was THRILLED to find a whole page of videos! Very cathartic! :D

The video is just awesome. I've listened to it already many times. As a former Minnesotan it swells I feel heartened to hear and see Minnesotans that haven't drunk the liberal koolaid.

There's at least 4 of us anyway

Just too good and too funny - your actually talented LOL

Its a Frozen Wasteland in Fla too - you'd think you put the backyard in a microwave

I've also been inspired by a famous song by a famous artist, and I'm now writing GW lyrics. I can't do any singing or put a video together, but you certainly can. When I'm finished I'll send it out and maybe you can make a hit out of it! I'll send it over when I'm finished.

Wow, truly great information. Your blog is really cool. I bookmarked it and may return again.

I want more info on the Band, you guys are great!

I have this already, and I'd recommend that everybody check this out.

OUTSTANDING !!!!!!!!!!!
Not only a great parody, but a great,great,great Roger Daltrey voice (classic early seventies!!!)

The only bad thing is, after 3 minutes of banjo music, I have the urge to find a cousin.

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