Is Glenn Beck a Greeny Weeny?

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I like pointing out when supposed Conservative Republicans believe in Global Warming. I thought Glenn Beck was a Global Warming skeptic, but in his interview with USA Today he sounds more like a Greeny Weeny.

"You'd be an idiot not to notice the temperature change," he says. He also says there's a legit case that global warming has, at least in part, been caused by mankind. He has tried to do his part by buying a home with a "green" design and using energy-saving products. "I'm willing to do anything but use the CFLs," he says of compact fluorescent light bulbs. "I put them in once and couldn't stand the way they lit up the room."

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Well, I hope he didn't drink the cool aid just because things are getting warmer.

Actually my experience with the USA press is they are very selective in what they print. I was once interview when I was overseas in the Air Force, and what they print barely had anything to do with what I actually said. So he may have said some of those things in the context of a bigger statement where they excluded the negative things he said. I don't know but it is possible.

Since I have read some of his books and his position has always been that the science has not been decided. It would seem ridiculous for him to go in the direction of global warming right when most of the "science" is falling apart. But even if he did drink the cool aid I'm not going to by into because he did any more than I will take AL Gore's word for it.

Here all along I thought Glenn Beck was a man. His "Art Bell-like" paranoia creating fear mongering speaks for itself. The sad thing is his crying is just adding more water vapor into the atmosphere and we all know water vapor is the primary cause of AGW. I used to have respect for him.

I have to agree with him on CFL's though they are a step back into the dark ages. I about cut my thumb off last week trying to replace one of the short-lived POS's. Stock up on those incandescents while you can. Those or Coleman lanterns.

Keep up the good work at M4GW...I have developed a whole new level of respect for Minnesotan's.

This Anthropogenic Global Warming Cult is having it's last gasp. What are you all going to do when move onto to their next hoax?

I don't like Glenn Beck because he is overly emotional, overly sensational, paranoid, and often sounds insane.

I do like Rush Limbaugh when a liberal is in power because then he sounds like a conservative.

But when a supposed conservative is in power, Rush sounds, until the supposed conservative becomes a lame duck, like a toe the line type of party hack.

I am a bit disappointed to find that Glenn Beck would take such a position after he has repeatedly conveyed a much more skeptical position for quite some time.

One correction however, Glenn Beck is NOT a Republican. Do your homework before attempting to label someone! Sounds to me like you have no clue who Glenn Beck is. You may have correctly cited his remarks, however, you fail miserably at the rest! Again, do your homework or don't report.

I agree, ELmer no supper until you do your homework tonight... next time consult with me :-p

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