Eyjafjallajokull - Could It be 'Tectonic Implosion'?


With the recent eruption of Eyjafjallajokull added onto the earthquakes in Haiti and Peru its making some scientists wonder if we are experiencing "Tectonic Implosion"


A new study done by the newly created International Panel on Tectonic Implosion (IPTI) reports that there could be a correlation between oil pumped out of the earth and the increased amount of seismic activity we are currently seeing around the world.

"Tectonic implosion isn't just about earthquakes, it can also cause volcanoes" said Norman P. Schpielabeep an IPTI scientist. "When you suck the oil out of the ground in one area it makes things shift, and its that shifting that wreaks havoc with the earth's crust" said Norman "because nature hates a void".


As you can see by the graph above there is an obvious correlation between the increased amount of oil being pumped and seismic activity. In fact the latest large earthquake that took place in Peru caused so much "tectonic Implosion" that it caused the earth to speed up in its rotation, making our days 1.26 microseconds shorter.

Another negative effect is reducing oil's natural lubrication of shallow earthquake faults. When the oil was in the crust, it helped fault lines slowly slide along, now tectonic pressure builds until it snaps. This results in less frequent but larger quakes. This is a real danger in places like California where seismic activity is normal but the recent rise in oil prices have resulted in increased oil extraction. And also in places where they do a lot offshore drilling like Peru.

Of course there are a growing number of Tectonic Implosion skeptics referred to as "Teptics" who say this is all just a bunch of bunk and another way to shut down the oil industry.

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"Tectonic Implosion"? Where do you guys get this stuff?

Iceland went bankrupt. Then it caught on fire.

This has "insurance job" written all over it.

Only a few hundred people live in the affected area. You comment has lack of research written all over it, Morgenholz.

Who cares about the environment? There are far bigger things we have to worry about . . . although I can't think of anything bigger right now. But at any rate -- I'm just tired of paying TAXES. Why should I have to pay for anything? I want my country back. I want to go back to the old days when we didn't have to pay for things.

Drudge Report just picked up a link to a FoxNews article about the legal threats you've been receiving. Time to put a "Donate to our Legal Fund" graphic around that donate button imo!

Congratulations, and don't be afraid to use this to get support to handle these legal costs and attacks!

So was the graph flat before humans pumped oil?

No, there was a little dip in the 70's but before that it was much higher than today.

Kudos to you! This is a really good blog here and I love your style of writing. How did you get so good at blogging?

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