Marty Seifert Gets It Right!

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Marty Seifert the meeting. was surprisingly pleasant and agreement on every item

I was privileged to have some time to speak with Gov. Candidate Marty Seifert about the Minnesota Governor's race and discuss a few topics. I mentioned to Marty about the video of him being passed around mainly by pro Emmer folks about his favoritism of SF4, where he spoke in favor of it back in 2007 along with other GOP representatives. - from the MN house.

While the Next Generation energy act has our base electric charges going up
(1) 2012 12 percent
(2) 2016 17 percent
(3) 2020 20 percent
(4) 2025 25 percent


Marty took the advice and not only committed to undue-ing his past bill, but turned it into legislation, RIGHT AWAY! By introducing H.F. No. 3582 on March 9, 2010. This is what I call Leadership and making good on a promise! This bill issued a revision to ELIMINATE the afore mentioned increases. as shown below.

Tom Emmer wasn't part of this I'm not sure why perhaps their camp can explain this as it was a good bill that would've stopped the next Generation Energy act in its tracks...

Marty also mentioned that he authored the Ethanol bill and has taken quite a lot of flak over this. He stated to me, that he wish to undue the damage and overturn this awful bill. Ive learned a lot since then." This is consistent when Marty came and spoke with us in 2009 at the CD3 convention. When he gave a "Mea Culpa" about his involvement there and pledged to make it right and repeal the bill if elected governor.

We've given Marty a hard time in the past when he was wrong we want to be fair to him when he makes it right! This takes strength and commitment to turn your ship around, especially in this tough political climate.

Marty's and his staffers wish to speak to people, answer questions, and state how they plan on eliminating Climate taxes, tariffs, etc. It slows growth, and places undue burdens on Minnesotans. So while Marty has demonized for his past mistakes, I'm willing to look to him as the 'prodigal son' and is repentant for these misdeeds and honestly wishes to correct. I was also impressed to learn he has not taken money from Lobbyists which makes him committed to his voters more, and special interests less.

changes to the bill as shown:

HF3582 Status in House for Legislative Session 86
Bill Name: HF3582
Bill Text Companion: SF3230
Companion Text
Companion Status
Senate Search Revisor Number: 10-5907

House Authors Seifert ; Shimanski ; Dettmer ; Drazkowski ; Anderson, B. ; Eastlund ; Severson
Short Description 2025 renewable energy standards abolished, and clarifying changes made.
Long Description
Further Committee Actions
House Research Summary
HOUSE Actions SENATE Actions Top
Date ↓ Action Description / Committee Text Page Roll Call
03/09/2010 Introduction and first reading, referred to Energy Finance and Policy Division Intro 8426
03/17/2010 Authors added Shimanski; Dettmer; Drazkowski; Anderson, B.; Eastlund and Severson 9015
03/17/2010 Referred by Chair to Public Safety Finance Division

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And how do you expect to hold Rep. Seifert to this standard when he ISN'T up for a Republican endorsement vote? Seriously, the guy was the CHIEF AUTHOR of the original bill that 3582 that basically setup Cap & Trade in our state long before any Federal law was even passed and you trust him with the entire Executive branch of our state?! The bill is STILL not good legislation, try reading this:

5.16 Subd. 4. Renewable energy credits. (a) To facilitate compliance with this section,
5.17the commission, by rule or order, shall establish by January 1, 2008, a program for
5.18tradable renewable energy credits for electricity generated by eligible energy technology.
5.19The credits must represent energy produced by an eligible energy technology, as defined in
5.20subdivision 1.

If that isn't Cap & Trade, I dunno what is. So if you want a Fair Weather (hehehe) friend on this issue, by all means support Marty Seifert.

Marty Seifert goes after future "CAP and TRADE" bills.

You can see how we compare to rates of other states in the U.S. in different areas of electrical energy use by clicking the documentation.

thanks Marty

Nathan, you are right. Seifert has his finger to the wind. That isn't a leader and isn't a politician we can trust. He's just a politician trying to get a promotion.

I can respect a leader who is willing to reconsider his past actions and attempts to correct them.

Did you see that youTube just yanked the new version?

Nathan is right. Marty helped get the camel's nose under the tent and now it's too late to get it back out. Real courage on this issue came from the handful of Representatives that voted against this origional legislation. I believe Tom Emmer voted against this in the first place.

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