Where's The Dioxide?


Deep Thoughts By Elmer Beauregard


It sounds like the Cap and Trade bill is in trouble once again, which I am glad about, so "Carbon" taxes and "Carbon" offsets are in the news again. The problem is they don't want to tax "Carbon" they want to tax "Carbon Dioxide"!

My question is: Isn't calling Carbon Dioxide "Carbon" like calling water "Hydrogen"? Actually its worse then that, water is 2/3 Hydrogen, CO2 is only 1/3 Carbon. What Happened to the Oxygen molecules? Where's the "Dioxide"?

It must be a marketing thing, because Carbon is black and really messy stuff but Carbon Dioxide is a clear and odorless gas and is plant food! Nothing would be Green without CO2!

They want put a tax on Carbon Dioxide, so it will drive up the price of electricity so we will hopefully use less of it just because we can't afford it, I get that part.

My question is: When we give all those billions of tax dollars to Al Gore and Goldman Sachs how are they then going to save the planet? Are they all going to buy more energy efficient yachts?

Here's another thing. Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull volcano is dumping tons of Sulfur Dioxide into the atmosphere, but according to the local news this might be a good thing. Turns out scientists want to spray the skies with Sulfur Dioxide to stop global warming.

My question is: Why is it a bad thing when power companies emit Sulfur Dioxide, but its a good thing when nature or scientists do? If Carbon Dioxide causes Global Warming but Sulfur Dioxide prevents it, instead of restricting Carbon Dioxide maybe we should allow more Sulfur Dioxide emissions.


That wouldn't work because then Al wouldn't get his new yacht.

Maybe politicians are just lazy and don't want to utter the extra three syllables.

Excellent logical article, but all logic goes out the window when as you know certain climate scientists have morphed into ruthless environmentalists that end up producing confirmational biased data that supports their beliefs.

Calling carbon dioxide "carbon" is a marketing ploy to make it an easy sell to the public.

Carbon Taxes almost sounds innocent.

Carbon Dioxide Taxes makes you stop and think and say, "hang on a second you are taxing us on the air we breathe out, carbon dioxide or CO2.

But hiding the goal posts has always been the creed of the alarmist bed-wetters.

When the global warming prophecy wasn't working out they had to rename global warming "climate change" to conceal the lack of warming. Also by adding "change" to climate the alarmists have managed to imply any change in climate is not natural. But "climate" by definition is about "change".

Especially when people setting fires produces so much 'carbon' each day ... Ever seen the website that logs fires worldwide? Uses satellite instruments.

It's fascinating how many civilizations burn wood for warm and food cooking.

It's called "Fire Mapper" -- Here is the link: http://firefly.geog.umd.edu/firemap/

I wonder why no one ever wants to show you this? It's government funded after all.

Actually since the atomic number of carbon is 6 and oxygen is 8, carbon is only 3/11 of carbon dioxide by weight.

Anybody remember acid rain?

Hrmm that was weird, my comment got eaten. Anyway I wanted to say that it's nice to know that someone else also mentioned this as I had trouble finding the same info elsewhere. This was the first place that told me the answer. Thanks.

Sulfur Dioxide in the upper parts of the atmosphere would counter some or most of the effects of global warming and it would take a surprising small amount to affect a change. Mt Pinatubo's eruption caused a significant cooling. Control that effect and we have a workable solution, and it would be surprisingly cheap. But of course Al Gore wouldn't get richer from it. Agreed we need to lower CO2 emissions but unless we're ready to drastically and unilaterally enforce a major disruption of humanity, maybe we should look at viable alternatives

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