ABC Uses Hockey Stick Logic

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By Elmer Beauregard

ABC put out a hit piece last Sunday basically saying that skeptics are racists.

MannLogic.jpgABC in this piece uses the same logic that was used in developing the Hockey Stick Chart.

If you find one tree whose rings are Hockey Stick shaped, then all tree rings must be Hockey stick shaped.

ABC in their piece found a white supremacist who is a Global Warming Skeptic, so therefore all Global Warming Skeptics must be white supremacists.

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I love how he calls it Minnesotans For Climate Change.

or... deja vu all over again

The libtards have been shot down in flames on facts the few times they've come out to debate the actual science. As soon as you throw out their premise that we're continuing to heat up as CO2 rises because it is patently false, you can also throw out their PlayStation Climatology models. With that gone they have NOTHING.

So, what do you do in that case. EASY! Ad homonym attack! That pretty much tells you it's all BS for sure.

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