Obama's Speech: The Good, The Bad, The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

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By Elmer Beauregard

ObamaSpeech.jpg The Good: Obama Did Not Mention Global Warming Once. He didn't say anything about a consensus or overwhelming evidence, we seem to be winning on this issue

The Bad: He still calls the energy bill a "Climate" bill. Even though Global Warming is a dead issue Obama is still going to tax us for emitting CO2.

The Good: No Mention of "Peak Oil". It's hard to say we're running out of oil when its covering most of the Gulf of Mexico (from one well). Just like its hard to believe in Global Warming when your freezing to death.

The Bad: Obama did say that there is no more oil on dry land. Excuse me, what about ANWR?

& The Ugly: Said he will have to tax energy! Sure Obama is going to make BP pay for their misdeeds, but BP will also benefit greatly from the new energy bill. BP is a huge player in "Green" energy, so what they lose on the oil spill side they will more than make up for on the Cap & Trade side. Plus, when gas goes to $5 a gallon BP will double their profits without lifting a finger. And who is going to pay for all this? The American people.

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Dear Elmer: Please find a different picture of the Big O. It looks like he put several "pinches between lip and gum" and forgot to take them out.

"Plus, when gas goes to $5 a gallon BP will double their profits without lifting a finger. "

you're actually wrong there. When gas goes to those prices the only one winning is the government.
We have it here (actually, more like $10 per gallon).
Price breakdown is something like 77% direct taxes, and another 10-15% taxes on things like import of raw materials and labour.

The profit margin for the oil company on that $10 gas is only about $0.25

@J.t. wenting you forget BP is on the CCX commission when they start collecting Carbon Taxes on this, they will make PLENTY of money, I don't have an exact figure on this but they will get a flat percentage. Also you may not be correct on whether they double their profits or not. They're on the front end of $$ per barrel if that goes up so does their profits... http://www.humanevents.com/article.php?id=22663

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