James Cameron - Hypocrite

New film reveals the hypocrisy of celebrity director/environmentalist James Cameron

Los Angeles, CA -- A Youtube film, released by Irish documentary film makers Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer, has revealed the shocking hypocrisy of James Cameron, the director of Avatar.

The film shows that Cameron, who has publicly stated that "we are all going to have to live with less," has continued a lifestyle of extravagant consumption.

Cameron, yesterday, announced he was donating $1m to oppose California's Prop 23. Prop 23 will suspend Global Warming legislation and is being bitterly opposed by environmentalists.

Supporters of Prop 23 say that if it is defeated California will lose jobs because of an increase in energy prices.

Cameron has warned the planet is in danger unless "we live with less" but as McAleer and McElhinney's film reveals Cameron is still enjoying a fabulously carbon intensive lifestyle. The film called James Cameron Hypocrite reveals that Cameron lives in a compound of three Malibu homes ten times the size of an average American home, and lists his other residences and expensive cars and toys (including a Humvee) showing him to be a hypocrite.

The film makers Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer say they are not criticizing Cameron for being wealthy.

"It is fantastic that people who work hard and are talented -- as Cameron is -- should be successful. James Cameron is a great example of the classic American dream. What our film hopes to draw attention to is the hypocrisy of someone like Cameron, who thinks the little people should have to live with less but that the same rules don't apply to him."

The film can be viewed on Youtube.

Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney recently produced and directed Not Evil Just Wrong -- a documentary that took a skeptical look at Global Warming.

Phelim MAleer had his mic cut off when he asked Al Gore an Inconvenient question about An Inconvenient Truth.

Ann McElhinney was recently scheduled to have a debate with James Cameron but the film director cancelled at the last moment.

For interviews please e-mail media@noteviljustwrong.com.

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