Diane Sawyer on Tornadoes: 'This Is the Evidence of a Kind of Preview of Life Under Global Warming?'

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By Brent Baker, Media Research Center

ABCWorldNews-Diane Sawyer-2011-05-23-240.jpgABC's Diane Sawyer on Monday night presumed everyone lives inside her media bubble obsessed with "global warming" as she set out to blame the Joplin, Missouri tornadoes on it - but not even the CEO of a group dedicated to instilling public fear of "climate change" would go along with Sawyer's fear-mongering. From Joplin, Sawyer plugged the upcoming segment:

When we come back, what do those experts say? Everyone's saying, is this it, is this global warming? Is this the evidence? Is it in? The answer.

Sawyer set up the subsequent World News story: "Is this it, this is the evidence of a kind of preview of life under global warming?" Reporter Jim Avila, who called the tornadoes "nature's payback," cited a thousand tornadoes and "counting so far, compared to 500 in an average year." He turned to Heidi Cullen of Climate Central who, he relayed, says climate change "can be blamed for a general increase in extreme weather, science cannot specifically point to climate change for this hyper-deadly tornado season."

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