Warm Winter in Minnesota - Could it be 11 Year Solar Cycle?

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By Elmer Beauregard

Minnesota is experiencing a very nice warm winter this year, in fact we just had a brown Christmas. Nobody is blaming it on Global Warming that I have seen but I'm sure they will soon. It is so warm up here that Ice houses are sinking through the ice.

Here is a piece that Kare 11 did on that subject.

Before people start doing the Chicken Little thing and cry "The Globe Is Warming!" I would like to remind everyone that we have had this kind of winter before, and it seems to happen every eleven years or so.

I remember the non-winters of '88 and '99, both of those years people were playing golf in January in Minnesota. Now in 2011 twelve years after the last one we are having a very mild winter, the thing is I was expecting it.

Sunspots with SWPC prediction May 8,'09.jpg

Caveman Forcaster

There seems to be a correlation between these mild winters and the solar cycle or sunspot cycle. If you look at this chart you will see the the solar activity goes up and down like a yo-yo on an eleven year cycle. I was looking for a warm winter in 2010 and it didn't happen but sure enough one year later we get a little break from the severe winters we've had in the last few years. So hope to see you on the golf course real soon.

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