The Speech Ron Paul Should Have Given at the RNC

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By Elmer Beauregard

If you haven't guessed by now I am a Ron Paul fan. I was hoping he would give a speech at the RNC, sadly that didn't happen. If he had maybe it would have sounded something like this.


On April 14, 2012 we commemorated the 100th anniversary for the tragic sinking of the Titanic. Looking back some say that had the captain reacted differently he could have saved everyone onboard that ship.

When it was discovered that they were heading straight for an iceberg the captain's first command was to turn hard port. The captain's instincts were based on his many years of experience commanding smaller ships but the Titanic was too big and moving too fast and it was slow to turn. He then made the command to reverse engines full throttle but it was too late and the ship hit the iceberg with a glancing blow which cut a huge gash below the water line. The captain then continued on for a while and only until it was obvious that they were sinking did he finally bring the ship to a stop.

Some think that if the Captain when he first knew of the iceberg immediately ordered the engines to go into full reverse and to drop both anchors to slow the ship down he would have saved the ship. The ship would have hit the iceberg head on but at a reduced speed. The impact would have caused people to fall out of bed but the ship would not have sunk. Some also think that even after the ship had struck the iceberg had they stopped right away they would have not sunk but by continuing on they took on too much water and their fate was sealed.

Today our Nation is like the Titanic and we are headed at break neck speed towards the iceberg of trillions of dollars of debt which will surely sink us. The Romney/Ryan solution, while well intended, is not going to be enough. With their plan it will still take generations to balance the budget. It would be like turning the direction of our Nation 2 degrees to the left and like the Titanic we will still end up sinking.

If I were in charge of the helm I would reverse engines at full power and drop every anchor I had to try and slow us down. And our nation will still hit that iceberg head on but we will survive.

Regular Conservatism isn't going to work anymore we need radical conservatism. What is radical conservatism? It is radically reducing the size of Government and radically reducing our national debt.

In my plan to restore America I want to get rid of 5 overblown and inept Government Agencies. They are The Department of Energy, The Department of Housing and Urban Development, The Commerce Department, The Department of the Interior and The Department of Education.

People ask me "why do you want to get rid of all these Government agencies won't that hurt our country"? And I say these agencies are like the musicians playing on the deck of the sinking Titanic, they are vestiges of a once prosperous but wasteful society. They aren't helping but are hurting our economy.

Take the Department of Energy for instance they employee it was created by Jimmy Carter in 1977, the cost of a gallon of gas was 56 cents a gallon not it is nearing 10 times that. Obama is waging a war on Coal and pushing the Green Energy agenda which is just lining the pockets of his contributors all to stop the fictitious threat of Global Warming. We should also get rid of the EPA, they want to tax CO2 which is plant food.

The Department of housing of Urban Development for instance they employee 125,00 people at a cost of 350 billion a year and what do they do? They sell HUD home right? Right. Why do we need a Government Agency to do that? We don't, the market and private sector is doing a much better job of selling foreclosed houses and that is bringing down the price of housing which makes it more AFFORDABLE. So let's get rid of the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The Department of Education was set up under Jimmy Carter in 1979. At the time the U.S. Education System was at the top of the industrialized nations. Fast Forward 33 years America is dead last behind Zimbabwe. It has brought us such great programs as "School to Work" and "No Child Left Behind". Having a small group of bureaucrats decide what every child in America should learn is COMMUNISM. They have destroyed education in America and we can't afford it let's get rid OF THE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION.

What about the Department of Commerce? I think their main job is to ship jobs overseas. Get rid of them we don't need them. We are funding our own destruction. Same with the Department of the interior. What do they even do? The point i we would save billions by eliminating these wasteful useless departments. That's the kind of Radical Conservatism I'm talking about.

Even this is not enough however. Did you know that if we shut down the entire Government and every agency that still wouldn't balance the budget? So how do we get rid of the ever increasing National debt?

Next year, in 1913, we will celebrate another dubious anniversary, it will be the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Federal Reserve. We hit the iceberg called the Federal Reserve in 1913 and we've been sinking ever since. Since the Fed's creation, the U.S. dollar has lost nearly 96% of its purchasing power.

The Federal Reserve is not Federal and there's no reserve. Yet most of the our National Debt is owed to the Federal Reserve because every dollar that we borrow is debt money created out of thin air. It's a Ponzi scheme a shell game. What we need to do is End the Fed, that alone will get rid of Half of our National Debt.

Getting rid of the Federal Reserve and getting back to the Gold Standard is the only way to save this sinking ship called the United States of America. Only then can we start patching the hull and pumping out the water and restore her to her former glory.

Lastly, I want to thank all of my supporters for being here and for getting me this opportunity to speak at this convention. If it weren't for them I would not be here. And if I wasn't running for President they would have chosen someone else to be their spokesperson. Because what people don't understand is that the Ron Paul Revolution is not about Ron Paul. It's about getting back to the Constitution, it's about freedom. I am the current voice of this movement and I am proud to be that voice. But when I am gone someone else will take my place. Because this is a movement and it is not going away.

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