Fixing the Economy Is Not Rocket Science

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By Karin McQuillan,

Romney has five basic proposals for fixing the American economy that are sensible, practical, and believable. Romney's goal of 4% economy growth is possible within four years. It is not rocket science.

Romney has prioritized five key areas to reverse Democrat policies. The number-one boost to economic growth is always energy. Energy runs everything, and the price of energy affects everything. The Obama administration's overspending by a trillion dollars a year has led to irresponsible printing and borrowing of money -- forty cents on every dollar Obama spends is borrowed. Printing money raises the price of oil, because we have devalued our dollar, which makes everything manufactured or transported more expensive. Devaluing the dollar is a hidden tax on families every time they fill up their cars, go to the grocery store, or turn on a light bulb.

But it is worse than that. Obama, indeed any Democrat, cannot and will not allow America to become energy-wealthy, because Democrats' green voting base fears fossil fuel. Obama is using the EPA to block fracking, to end the coal industry (which fuels half of our electricity), and to block off-shore drilling. Romney will allow America to use our wealth of natural resources. It can be done in the right places, with safe methods and proper regulation, but it must be done if we are to thrive.

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