Global Warming Finally Becomes A Campaign Issue

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By Elmer Beauregard

Remember how everybody was upset that Global Warming wasn't in any of the debates? Now all of a sudden that's all everybody is talking about, it's Global Warming this and Global warming that.

On Bloomberg Businessweek's cover it even says, 'It's Global Warming Stupid', which is the opposite of our slogan 'It's stupid to politicize the weather'. Some are saying this might be the edge that Obama needs to win this election, because he wins on this issue.


The funny thing about the Bloomberg piece is in the first paragraph the author says this:

"Climate deniers exploit scientific complexity to avoid any discussion at all."

Translation: Those Skeptics use fancy words!

So he's saying it's the skeptics that are using complex scientific terminology, while people like Tom Brokaw just speak in platitudes and hope the mind numbed public will be scared enough into voting for Obama once again.

Brokaw says:

"I get why people would want to live right on the sea, that's understandable. I lived on the ocean in California and there's nothing quite like it. But now, because of climate change, and let's be clear about this: We have climate change under way. Global warming, that's another question that should be addressing as well. A vast majority of the meteorologists and scientists in the country, and in the world who study these kind of events have concluded that there is global warming and obviously we do have climate change. So, we have to plan for the future based on these realities, Andrea, and this is a huge wake up call."

Wow, now that's some heady stuff.

Suspicious Timing

The timing on this couldn't have been better, it makes global warming the top issue once again and moves the Benghazi fiasco to page 17. It's almost like it was planned and maybe it was.

Did you know that Obama back in 2009 ordered DHS to control hurricanes and Bill Gates that same year applied for 5 patents on controlling hurricanes?

HAARP is thought to be able to able to control hurricanes, there is a site devoted to watching HAARP activity here is what it says HAARP was doing on the day the Sandy hit shore.

On their website it says that anything 10 and above can cause hurricanes and blizzards, just sayin'.


And let's not forget that Bloomberg would profit greatly from Carbon Taxes.

Of course actual scientists are saying that Sandy proves nothing, we've had worse before.

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