Recommendations for Election 2012

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We as Minnesotans after much study, surveys, and discussions have come up the following Sample Ballot recommendations. Either Based upon actual Global warming/Climate Change stance or our view to “Better Minnesota”

Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan President *- Climatic stance closer to ours then Obama. *Kurt Bills - US Senate Candidate - Climatic stance matches ours *Eric Paulsen *- CD3 Congressman - Climatic stance closer to ours the Klobuchar Chris Rains, Dave Wahlsted, Jim Koepke - Hennepin County Commissioners

Amendment I Marriage 1 man and 1 woman - we recommend “YES” since Environmentalists don’t like people to reproduce and add ‘more CO2 polluters’

*Amendment II Photo ID required for voting - we recommend “YES” *since this will simply reduce fraud in Minnesota, with all the Climate Change fraud we debunk this was an obvious choice. Legitimate voters help “clear the air”.

Judges who are not activists and interpet the constitution and do not base their stance on unproven junk science is rather important so we recommend: Tim Tinglestad, Dan Griffith, Dean Barkley

The other ones are individual recommendations nothing tied to Minnesotans for Global Warming in particular

Click Ballot for Larger Ballot in new window (note the image is LARGE width=3262,height=3993) 2012BloomingtonP13Ballot-BW-opt.png

You ballot may vary from place to place, always read your ballot as an informed voter should.

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