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by Paul Joseph Watson

Green Peace [War?] - We know who you are. We know where you live. We know where you work. - per info wars.

The article, written by Greenpeace activist "Gene" from India, calls for "mass civil disobedience to cut off the financial oxygen from denial and skepticism".
"Gene" then has a special message for roughly half of Americans who, in the wake of the climategate scandal, are now skeptical of man-made global warming - "We know who you are. We know where you live. We know where you work. And we be many, but you be few."
"Gene" quotes another climate activist who calls for an army of greenies to break the law and take retribution against anyone who stands in their way.
"The politicians have failed. Now it's up to us. We must break the law to make the laws we need: laws that are supposed to protect society, and protect our future. Until our laws do that, screw being climate lobbyists. Screw being climate activists. It's not working. We need an army of climate outlaws."
Greenpeace has not issued a retraction of the comments, preferring instead to buffer the blog at both beginning and end with desperate-sounding explanations insisting that the author has peaceful intentions. The organization has obviously been taking a hammering for this as it worsens into another public relations disaster.
This is by no means the first time global warming adherents have resorted to physical threats in an effort to bolster their rapidly crumbling credibility on climate change issues. In June last year, a global warming activist posted an article on the Talking Points Memo website entitled "At What Point Do We Jail Or Execute Global Warming Deniers?"
Shortly after the article was retracted, a comment traced back to another prominent global warming activist which appeared on the Climate Progress blog threatened Skeptics that "an entire generation that will soon be ready to strangle you and your kind while you sleep in your beds." Website owner Joe Romm defended the comment as "clearly not a threat but a prediction".

on a lesser known note, they also declared war on the iphone... - Greenpeace Declares War on the iPhone

The kooks at Greenpeace have no problem with bombing banks, but iPhones meet with their righteous disapproval.

This add debut's environmentalism "green nazis" in practice during Audi's superbowl as joke, but perhaps they are making fun of the "Green Jobs" Obama promised? Surprisingly these subversively witty adds, are poking fun at real laws that most entertainment obsessed folks aren't aware of. Some have already referred to this as 'war on the American citizen'. This effects, the world, the Nation and of Course Minnesota. Ironically MUCH of what they are doing is featured in Minnesota'ss "NEXT GENERATION ENERGY ACT - 2007" see PAWLENTY SIGNS NEXT GENERATION ENERGY ACT -- May 25, 2007

These include arrests for styrofoam cups, incandescent bulb usage, plastic bags/bottles, emissions, eco check points, battery disposal, trash inspection, heating your tub too high! , etc.

See the actual green police #1 video's below
(trouble viewing here's their youtube link)

See the actual green police #2 video's below
(trouble viewing here's their youtube link)

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