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Dinosaur Farts Caused Jurassic Global Warming

A lot of dinosaurs were big eating machines. Now, scientists have calculated how much gas they would have expelled as a result of their digestion--and the quantities they produced probably meant that they warmed their own climate through letting rip.

Scientists from Liverpool John Moore's University in the UK have calculated the methane output of sauropods--the dinosaur family which includes the species known as Brontosaurus--by comparing their digestive system to that of cows. The results predict that the world's population of dinosaurs would have produced around 520 million tonnes of methane annually. The research is published in Current Biology.

Sauropods were massive land animals that grazed on vegetation--but it's the microscopic organisms living inside them that were responsible for the gas. David Wilkinson, one of the researchers, explains to the BBC:

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The London Telegraph

COW2_1612057f.jpgI wonder how long they took to come up with this idea. Perhaps all the environmentalists who are concerned will start walking around wearing these bags. Latest on the "green" fashion scene? Could they recycle and use the contents for energy or "scent sticks"? - AL

Livestock could actually be good for the environment according to a new study that found grazing cows or sheep can cut emissions of a powerful greenhouse gas [literally].

The research will reignite the argument over whether to eat red meat or not.

In the past environmentalists, from Lord Stern to Sir Paul McCartney, have urged people to stop eating meat because the methane produced by cattle causes global warming.
However a new study found that cattle grazed on the grasslands of China actually reduce another greenhouse gas, nitrous oxide.

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