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We as Minnesotans after much study, surveys, and discussions have come up the following Sample Ballot recommendations. Either Based upon actual Global warming/Climate Change stance or our view to “Better Minnesota”

Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan President *- Climatic stance closer to ours then Obama. *Kurt Bills - US Senate Candidate - Climatic stance matches ours *Eric Paulsen *- CD3 Congressman - Climatic stance closer to ours the Klobuchar Chris Rains, Dave Wahlsted, Jim Koepke - Hennepin County Commissioners

Amendment I Marriage 1 man and 1 woman - we recommend “YES” since Environmentalists don’t like people to reproduce and add ‘more CO2 polluters’

*Amendment II Photo ID required for voting - we recommend “YES” *since this will simply reduce fraud in Minnesota, with all the Climate Change fraud we debunk this was an obvious choice. Legitimate voters help “clear the air”.

Judges who are not activists and interpet the constitution and do not base their stance on unproven junk science is rather important so we recommend: Tim Tinglestad, Dan Griffith, Dean Barkley

Funny You Didn't Build That Video

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Funny Chevy Volt Ad

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Rick Santorum told Colorado Springs supporters Tuesday that Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich would be ineffective challengers to President Barack Obama in the general election because of their views on cap and trade.

"Let's go to cap and trade. Governor Romney proudly announced that they were the first state, Massachusetts, to put a cap on CO2 emissions in the state of Massachusetts," Santorum told more than 100 supporters here.

Santorum also dinged Gingrich for filming a climate change ad with Nancy Pelosi, something Gingrich - as recently as yesterday - has admitted was a mistake. Both Gingrich and Santorum appeared at a Colorado energy conference on Monday.

"Speaker Gingrich has supported cap and trade for more than a dozen years. Now, he wants business incentives to go along with cap and trade, but he supported cap and trade, and sat on the couch with Nancy Pelosi and said that global warming had to be addressed by Congress," Santorum said. "Who is he or who's Governor Romney to be able to go after President Obama? I've never supported even the hoax of global warming."

Romney and Gingrich, Santorum said, "bought into the science of man-made global warming, and they bought into the remedy, both of which are bogus."

By Ron Paul,

"Tonight, President Obama once again showed that he does not represent the fundamental change this country needs."

"Tonight, President Obama once again showed that he does not represent the fundamental change this country needs. Instead of offering solutions to the problems our country faces, the President was intent on delivering a campaign speech, further dealing in the typical Washington political gamesmanship that has gotten us exactly nowhere close to improving the lives of the American people.

"In a speech where much of the rhetoric was devoted to job creation, it was strange that President Obama would brag about his job-destroying national health care plan, Obamacare, and the Dodd-Frank bill, which, contrary to the President's claims, guarantees future taxpayer bailouts of large institutions. Unfortunately, President Obama's 'job creation' policies amount to little more than continuing to allow government bureaucrats to pick winners and losers, which is a recipe for continued economic stagnation.

"President Obama claims to want an economy where everyone gets a fair shot, everyone does their fair share, and everyone plays by the same set of rules. Yet he remains committed to the same old system of debt, deficits, bailouts, and cronyism that created our economic problems. The President speaks of giving us energy independence from unstable nations, yet he refuses to allow the type of development needed to achieve this goal, while at the same time his administration hands out favors to the politically connected - those given to the likes of Solyndra, who fail to produce jobs or energy but succeed in ripping off the taxpayers.

By Elmer Beauregard

I finally found some more stuff on his website, it's kind of hidden. He has a subdomain called. I looked on his issues page but I can't find anything about global warming or energy policy. He must not think its an issue.

After Rick Santorum's surprise second place finish last night and Michele Bachmann's dropping out this morning, I figured I better check this guy out, I don't know much about him.


So I went to his official website but all I can see is just a donate page.

I was hoping to go and see for instance what his official stance on Global Warming and Energy Policy was but everything I click just goes back his donate page. Am I missing something?

Maybe the Iowa GOP's website is Santorum's official site, if you look at the header its says to "ALSO VISIT - ~ Conservative Presidential Candidate" which of course just leads you to his donate page.

Maybe this is why Rick Santorum's nephew supports Ron Paul.


The NDAA Repeals More Rights

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By Ron Paul,

ron-paul.jpgLittle by little, in the name of fighting terrorism, our Bill of Rights is being repealed. The 4th amendment has been rendered toothless by the PATRIOT Act. No more can we truly feel secure in our persons, houses, papers, and effects when now there is an exception that fits nearly any excuse for our government to search and seize our property. Of course, the vast majority of Americans may say "I'm not a terrorist, so I have no reason to worry." However, innocent people are wrongly accused all the time. The Bill of Rights is there precisely because the founders wanted to set a very high bar for the government to overcome in order to deprive an individual of life or liberty. To lower that bar is to endanger everyone. When the bar is low enough to include political enemies, our descent into totalitarianism is virtually assured.

The PATRIOT Act, as bad is its violation of the 4th Amendment, was just one step down the slippery slope. The recently passed National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) continues that slip toward tyranny and in fact accelerates it significantly. The main section of concern, Section 1021 of the NDAA Conference Report, does to the 5th Amendment what the PATRIOT Act does to the 4th. The 5th Amendment is about much more than the right to remain silent in the face of government questioning. It contains very basic and very critical stipulations about due process of law. The government cannot imprison a person for no reason and with no evidence presented or access to legal counsel.

Zeke Miller, Business Insider

Republican presidential candidate Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) promises $2 gas if she is elected president.

Speaking to a crowd in South Carolina on Tuesday, she said "Under President Bachmann you will see gasoline come down below $2 a gallon again. That will happen."

Bachmann offered no plans on how she will go about doing it.

"The day that [Obama] became president gasoline was $1.79 a gallon," Bachmann said. "Look what it is today."

Read the rest of the article here.

By Marc Morano, NewsMax

Texas Gov. Rick Perry's entrance into the GOP presidential primary has almost overnight deflated the prospects of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, and Perry's skepticism of man-made global warming has been one of the key factors.

Perry rides into the presidential contest with a bold brand of global warming skepticism that is sure to ignite tea party enthusiasts and GOP primary voters. Perry told the Guardian that global warming is "one contrived phony mess that is falling apart under its own weight."

One of the key issues in this race will be the vast differences between Romney and Perry on the issue of man-made global warming claims. Romney has expressed belief in the Al Gore and U.N. version of man-made climate fears despite the many scientists views on the matter. See "Gore Praises Romney for Belief in Man-Made Global Warming."

Read the rest of the article here.

Ron Paul comes in a close second in the Iowa straw poll and with speeches like this no wonder.

By Erik Hayden, The Atlantic Wire

Count us among those who were surprised in early June when Mitt Romney came out officially as a lonely global warming believer in a climate-change denying GOP field. Since then, the mercurial frontrunner has had to rebuff a broadside launched by the Rush Limbaugh conservative base and tacitly accept praise (a kiss of death) from Al Gore on his sensible position. So Mitt's campaign, eager only to focus on jobs-related issues, appears to be minimizing the matter.

Last Thursday, in town hall held in Derry, New Hampshire, Romney argued that carbon emissions shouldn't be regulated as pollutants by the Environmental Protection Agency. The candidate's admission that "I don't think carbon is a pollutant in the sense of harming our bodies" was caught on tape by Think Progress and, yesterday, Politico reignited debate about his limited climate change support. The remark also revived the long-running liberal charge that Mitt Romney paradoxically believes in global warming yet won't do anything to help combat it.

Read the rest of the article here.

Benjy Sarlin,

Tim Pawlenty went full climate denier on Tuesday, embracing fringe claims that the vast international consensus on the issue is "bad science."

"So there is climate change, but the reality is the science of it indicates that most of it, if not all of it, is caused by natural causes," Pawlenty told FOX News. "And as to the potential human contribution to that, there's a great scientific dispute about that very issue."

Read the rest of the article here.

Dayton's Cynical Shutdown

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By Jonathan Blake, Opinion

Gov. Mark Dayton released his plan for a state government shutdown earlier this week, outlining the staff and services that his administration considers essential. The plan was filed in Ramsey County District Court, since the courts will play a major role in any shutdown planning.

While the governor's office says it considers all government services to be essential at some level, the shutdown plan includes only those "critical services to protect the lives and safety of Minnesotans."

The administration also emphasizes that the courts will ultimately determine which services are "critical." But the shutdown recommendations offer a telling glimpse of this administration's priorities and motives.

Dayton's plan is appalling -- not only for the services it deems "critical" but, more important, for those it does not. For example, the governor plans to stop all aid payments to schools.

Read the rest of the article.


Starting at 10 a.m., a subcommittee of the House Energy and Commerce Committee will hear testimony about climate change from some of the nation's most prominent climatologists and from two scientists who have raised questions about whether the data supports broad conclusions about rising temperatures and other changes. The hearing is part of the House's consideration of a bill sponsored by two Republicans that would limit the Environmental Protection Agency's authority to impose regulations on greenhouse gases; it could come to a committee vote as early as the end of this week. A Webcast will be available here.

House Votes To Defund IPCC

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By Elmer Beauregard

On February 19, the war on the Global Warming Hoax Scored a stunning victory. The U.S. House of Representatives voted to eliminate U.S. funding for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The Republican majority, said that it no longer wishes to have the IPCC prepare its comprehensive international climate science assessments.

The amendment was sponsored by second-term Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer (R-Missouri),

Luetkemeyer: Scientists manipulated climate data, suppressed legitimate arguments in peer-reviewed journals, and researchers were asked to destroy emails, so that a small number of climate alarmists could continue to advance their environmental agenda.

Since then, more than 700 acclaimed international scientists have challenged the claims made by the IPCC, in this comprehensive 740-page report. These 700 scientists represent some of the most respected institutions at home and around the world, including the U.S. Departments of Energy and Defense, U.S. Air Force and Navy, and even the Environmental Protection Agency.

Maybe something Minnesota should consider

Washington Post

HELENA, Mont. -- A Montana legislator is proposing the state embrace global warming as good for the economy.

Republican Rep. Joe Read of Ronan aims to pass a law that says global warming is a natural occurrence that "is beneficial to the welfare and business climate of Montana."

Reaction by scientists and environmentalists to House Bill 549 has been harsh. University of Montana climate change professor Steve Running calls it an indefensible attempt to repeal the laws of physics.

The bill was to be heard in the House Natural Resources Committee Friday.

Another climate change bill by Read was also being heard Friday. House Bill 550 would claim the state has authority over the EPA when it comes to regulating greenhouse gases.


Michael Buerk the presenter of the BBC radio program the 'Moral Maze' said in his intro to a debate about Multiculturalism in the UK:

"not long ago to question multiculturalism....

....risked being branded racists and pushed into the loathesome corner with pedophiles and climate change deniers"

Listen here.

I guess those Brits are a gullible bunch, 83% of them still believe in global warming.

Found on

Texas Insider Report: Washington, D.C. - Reps. Joe Barton, R-Texas, Michael Burgess, R-Texas, and Marsha Blackburn, R-Tennessee, joined 12 other Republicans to reintroduced the Better Use of Light Bulbs Act or BULB Act, H.R. 91.

The BULB Act repeals Subtitle B of Title III of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, which is a de facto ban on the incandescent light bulb.

"This is about more than just energy consumption, it is about personal freedom. Voters sent us a message in November that it is time for politicians and activists in Washington to stop interfering in their lives and manipulating the free market. The light bulb ban is the perfect symbol of that frustration. People don't want congress dictating what light fixtures they can use," said Rep. Barton. "Traditional incandescent bulbs are cheap and reliable. Alternatives, including the most common replacement Compact Fluorescent Lights or CFL's, are more expensive and health hazards - so why force them on the American people? From the health insurance you're allowed to have, to the car you can drive, to the light bulbs you can buy, Washington is making too many decisions that are better left to you and your family."

"Thousands of American jobs have been shipped overseas as a direct consequence of this light bulb provision in the Democrats' 2007 energy bill," Burgess said. "I have stated all along that exposing our citizens to the harmful effects of the mercury contained in CFL light bulbs, which are being manufactured in China, is likely to pose a hazard for years to come. Not only would this bill be better for the environment, but it would be one step to bringing jobs back to America."

1984 Arrives in America

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Big Sis to address public via telescreens at checkout lanes.

WASHINGTON -- Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Janet Napolitano today announced the expansion of the Department's national "If You See Something, Say Something" campaign to hundreds of Walmart stores across the country--launching a new partnership between DHS and Walmart to help the American public play an active role in ensuring the safety and security of our nation.

The rest of the story.

Does Sensenbrenner make Sense?

Sensenbrenner Plans to Keep Pelosi-Devised Global Warming Panel

Wisconsin Republican Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner says he wants Republicans to rebrand but keep the global warming committee devised by Speaker Nancy Pelosi and maligned by many conservatives.

Writing an op-ed that appeared in Monday's Roll Call newspaper, Sensenbrenner, who's ranking Republican
on the Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming, said he's not suggesting it as an homage to Pelosi's foresight.

Instead, the panel can act as a counterweight to prevent the Environmental Protection Agency from taking executive action on issues Congress hasn't approved.

Read the rest of the article.

The American Geophysical Union plans to announce that 700 researchers have agreed to speak out on the issue. Other scientists plan a pushback against congressional conservatives who have vowed to kill regulations on greenhouse gas emissions.

Reporting from Washington --
Faced with rising political attacks, hundreds of climate scientists are joining a broad campaign to push back against congressional conservatives who have threatened prominent researchers with investigations and vowed to kill regulations to rein in man-made greenhouse gas emissions.

The still-evolving efforts reveal a shift among climate scientists, many of whom have traditionally stayed out of politics and avoided the news media. Many now say they are willing to go toe-to-toe with their critics, some of whom gained new power after the Republicans won control of the House in Tuesday's election.

Read the rest of the article.

By Brett Israel, Live Science

As the right side of the U.S. capitol gets a little heavier following midterm elections, federal climate change legislation may be stuck in neutral.

Over 100 freshmen Republicans were elected to the 112th Congress. According to an investigation by ThinkProgress, a progressive blog, 50 percent of the GOP class of 2010 deny the existence of manmade climate change, and 86 percent are opposed to any climate change legislation that increases government revenue.

"With the possible exception of Tiger Woods, nothing has had a worse year than global warming," Todd Young, a new congressperson from Indiana, was widely quoted as saying earlier this year. "We have discovered that a good portion of the science used to justify 'climate change' was a hoax perpetrated by leftist ideologues with an agenda."

Read the rest of the article.

By Joe Kovacs, WND

Michele: 'Does anyone honestly believe adding inflation would be a good thing?'

Fresh from her victory in last night's election, U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann says she begged the Federal Reserve not to go ahead with controversial plans to monetize the national debt, and is calling its purchase of hundreds of billions of dollars in Treasury bonds "a disaster" for America.
WASHINGTON - NOVEMBER 05: Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) leads a news conference and rally on the West Front of the U.S. Capitol November 5, 2009 in Washington, DC. Thousands of people, including many Republican members of the House of Representatives, attended the rally to voice their opposition to the House version of the health care reform legislation moving through Congress. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

The U.S. central bank, hoping to create growth in the sluggish economy, decided today to proceed with its scheme, buying $600 billion of federal government debt over the next eight months.

Officials also indicated they were ready to purchase even more bonds if inflation remained too low and unemployment too high.

"This is a very serious move by the Fed," Bachmann, a member of the House Financial Services Committee, told radio host Glenn Beck today. "What this means is intentionally the Federal Reserve will be spiking inflation. They think that's good for the country. Does anyone honestly believe adding inflation would be a good thing to the country? Well, the Federal Reserve does. This is a disaster."

Read the rest of the article.

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